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Small Tattoo Ideas

A small tattoo for women could be slightly complicated, since they may not know precisely what symbols could reflect on their skin. Small tattoo ideas are usually the first option since they are simple and depending on the reason they could be incredibly sexy.

The other reason to choose small tattoos is, they are fragile, very feminine and have the peculiarity of going hidden depending on the place of the body where you decide to do it.

Below, we show you an exclusive choice of small tattoo ideas to make you fall in love with them and choose the best one that suits your personality.

Pixie Haircut

In 1994, her hairstyle, nicknamed “The Rachel” like her character in the TV comedy, was the universal cut in the United States. Interestingly, she was not a fan of the hairstyle that the famous stylist Chris McMillan gave her.

Nowadays, a short and bold pixie haircut has become popular in many stylists chairs. Many celebrities opt for this trending pixie hairstyle which is so versatile that any woman can find the perfect style for her.

The British supermodel, Twiggy, started a trend with her daring pixie cut and her bisexual style which was one of the most influential trendsetters in the world in the late 70s. Everyone copied her hairstyle which rested on the top of the head and generally covered the ears.

rarest eye colors in the world

Look into my eyes, and I’ll tell you who you are! A saying that could not be plumper, but has a lot of truth. Many poets have sung their poems on eyes and described them with several descriptions. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, reflecting the talents of the soul and the heart together.

Eyes have many meanings, and each eye color has a unique beauty that defines it from others. The beauty of the eyes is not linked to any particular color. Since everyone has unique eye colors and charm that identifies it with the other colors. The eyes have different shapes, and each shape has many meanings.

However, the color of eyes is due to heredity. Because there are indeed various studies on the relationship between character traits and eye color. The importance of character traits and the importance of eye color cannot be denied while engaging with a partner. Since birth, the eye color is fixed, but characteristic features can be acquired in the course of life.

Keto Diet Plan

The principle of the Keto diet (Ketogenic Diet) is to consume a decidedly lesser amount of carbohydrate, and high fat low carb diet to promote lipids very much. It is therefore essential to minimize the consumption of sugar and starch which is mostly present in rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, legumes. Thus, moderate protein intake, green vegetables, and a good quality fat intake can be filled with a delicious meal while losing weight.

The ketogenic diet means a portion of food that produces ketone by the liver, indicating that the body does not metabolize carbohydrates but produce lipids.

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