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It's not a skin that is jaded by any way but still - it is Buy OSRS gold a little plain, especially when comparing it to the Durrr Burger item collection.In other Durrr Burger news, the crashing issue with the new skin was solved thankfully. The staff over at Epic Games took to their own Twitter last night to let fans know they were aware of the matter,"We are exploring an issue where players may crash while using a fabric Back Bling with the Burger Boss skin.

Please prevent equipping any Rear Bling using a cape look until we have a fix in place." 1commentsA brief time after, a fix was deployed. According to the dev group:"We've just released a hotfix to temporarily remove physics from fabric Back Blings. This will stop players from popping up when using these Back Blings using all the Beef Boss skin until we've got a proper fix in place. Interested in what else is new?

Check out the entire patch notes right here! Do not forget to also tune it into our Fortnite Community Hub right here in order to stay in the know!Now Playing: Fortnite Battle Royale - Full Mobile Match Gameplay. Epic has shared a few more details about the upcoming Android release of Fortnite. That allows Epic to make more money on each purchase in the free-to-play match, but it means that consumers will need to experience a somewhat unconventional procedure to download and then install it.

Epic confirmed to GameSpot that Android consumers won't be able to download Fortnite on their devices from Google's digital shop, but instead through its service. According to the programmer, this choice was made in part to bypass the 30%"store tax" which would usually be applied to purchases made on Google Play."It's a high cost in a world where game programmers' 70 percent must cover all of the expense of developing, operating, and encouraging their games," Epic said. "

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